Lismore is justifiably proud of its long and distinguished history. Tracing its origins to the arrival of St Carthage in 636AD, Lismore was once a university city attended by scholars from all over Europe. The riches of Lismore drew plundering Vikings up the River Blackwater and the marauding Norsemen sacked the town and burned it to the ground. Normans followed Vikings, and the arrival of Prince John, son of Henry II of England, to build Lismore Castle in 1185 was another landmark in our past. Lismore has attracted many people through the ages; everyone from Elizabethan adventurers to Hollywood stars. Visitors to the town today can see many buildings that recall our long past and built heritage; look out for them as you explore our town.

  • Lismore Castle

    Built by Prince John of England in 1185 it remained for four centuries the Episcopal residence. In 1589 the Bishop’s Palace was ...

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  • St. Carthage’s Cathedral

    St Carthage's Cathedral lies beyond tall gothic gates. This has been a place of worship since 636. Gravestone slabs from monastic ...

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  • Lismore Courthouse

    The Courthouse Building, was built in 1880, though the original structure was destroyed by fire in 1920, a casualty of the War of ...

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  • St. Carthage’s Parish Church

    St Carthage's Parish Church was officially opened in 1884.  Designed by W. G. Doolin, it is seen as one of the finest examples of...

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  • Lismore Library

    Lismore library is a detached Neo-Tudor style library built in 1910 and is one of many built in Ireland funded by the Carnegie Tru...

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  • Lismore Canal

    The Lismore Canal was a part of the ambitious redevelopment scheme proposed for the town by Henry Bowman, the agent to the Duke of...

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