The Towers

The Towers Walk is a 2 km loop set amid a famine era folly. Arthur Kiely Usher promised to build an ostentatious castle for his spoilt wife. In 1850 he created The Towers- imposing gothic style gate lodges and bridge. With so much money spent on this ornate entrance, there was no money left for the castle and a grand folly was born. 

The path winds through woodland habitat: a diverse range of tree species can be seen including ash, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, spruce, and fir as well as shrubs of holly, hazel and bramble. The main avenue is planted with a row of tall shaking poplars and rhododendron, interspersed by pheasant berry, snowberry, holly and much more.

Directions: Take the route R666 from Lismore to Ballyduff and Fermoy, sign-posted at the bridge near Lismore Castle. Continue for approximately 3.5km to the Towers entrance on the right.



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