Predictive Maintenance Ltd.

Predictive Maintenance Ltd. is the leading provider of condition monitoring services sales  in Ireland since 1989.  Their client list includes major Irish companies in a variety of sectors and their team of engineers have many years condition monitoring experience in Ireland, Eastern Europe and Australia. It evaluates the condition of rotating machinery and can provide early identification and elimination of a fault before it causes serious problems. The aim is to extend machine life, reduce maintenance costs, avoid unexpected failures causing interruptions in productivity and to carry out maintenance on a more informed basis. Their aim is to know the condition of rotating machinery, carry out necessary maintenance as required, remove the need to overhaul machinery that is in good condition and proactively prolong machine life e.g. by precision balancing and laser alignment. Predictive Maintenance ltd offer many services such as Vibration Analysis, Wind Turbines, In-Place Balancing, Laser Alignment, Thermography, and Air Leak Testing please check out their website for more information on these topics. The company even offers training in Vibration Analysis a short 1-2 day course, In-Place Balancing and Laser Alignment. Offices are located in Waterford (John Barry House, Lismore Business Park, Co. Waterford) and Navan Co. Meath. The main office number is 058-72707, check out website for individual mobile contacts for Brendan, Stephen and Alan. Please feel free to contact this well experienced and knowledgeable company on any queries.

Telephone: 058-72707

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