Barron’s Bakery and Coffee House

As you leave Lismore heading for the N72 our neighbouring town called Cappoquin is just a five minute drive over the road. In the centre of town you will find a quaint bakery named Barron’s Bakery which has over 125 years in business nothing short of a fantastic achievement. This is a well known name around West Waterford and with assurance you will find a loaf in most bread bins in the county. Barron’s Bakery started baking bread in 1887, so if you’re a lover of food or just simply a good story it’s a must see on your visit. The bakery still uses the same Scotch Brick Ovens to bake their bread. They are one of the last bakeries using this technique in Ireland giving their product a unique taste, flavour and crust. The Lismore Heritage Centre offer an adventures package “The great days out” for groups only,  to enjoy a tour of the bakery for any enquires please contact on 058 54975. In recent years the bakery has opened a coffee shop on site, a terrific way to enjoy the product. All food in the coffee shop is freshly prepared daily, bread and confectionery is baked on site.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and snacks all day until 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday. If you want to learn more about Barron’s Bakery don’t panic you can purchase their very own book “Our Daily Bread – A History of Barron’s Bakery. Location: Cook St, Cappoquin, Co Waterford

Telephone: 058-52012

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