• Red Heaven Design

    For over 20 years David Murphy has worked for many clients, mainly SME’s, across multiple industries including Hospitality, Food...

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  • Tourin House and Gardens

    Tourin House and Gardens are situated three miles from the Heritage town of Lismore, County Waterf...

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  • Salterbridge House and Gardens

    The original house on this site was built in about 1750 by Richard Musgrave on land which had been...

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  • Barron’s Bakery and Coffee House

    As you leave Lismore heading for the N72 our neighbouring town called Cappoquin is just a five minute drive over the road. In the ...

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  • Roches Centra and Hardware

    There is no better sense of community than your local supermarket. Centra employs all local staff and is owned by the Roches, Will...

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  • Predictive Maintenance Ltd.

    Predictive Maintenance Ltd. is the leading provider of condition monitoring services sales  in Ireland since 1989.  Their client...

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